Venue: Northwestern Memorial Hospital (西北紀念醫院)







Opened on May 1, 1999, the new Northwestern Memorial Hospital is designed to continue the organization’s long-standing tradition of putting “Patients First”. The state-of-the-art, patient friendly and cost effective facility supports the personal needs of patients and family members. It also helps to ensure that physicians, nurses and staff can effectively and efficiently care for patients using the most modern technology and medical advances.

The foundation of Northwestern Memorial’s new 2-million square foot medical center is an eight-story base housing three floors of public space and five floors of diagnostic and therapeutic services. Rising above the base are two towers, the Galter Outpatient Pavilion and the Feinberg Inpatient Pavilion. The 17-story Feinberg Pavilion house 492 inpatient and intensive care rooms, all of which are private, as well as state-of-the-art operating rooms and the Emergency Department. The 22-story Galter Pavilion, developed in partnership with the Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation, houses clinical and office space for approximately 600 physicians. It provides patients with easy access to the outpatient services of the hospital.

At every step in the concept, design, building and furnishing of the new hospital, the needs of the patients, came first. From the comforting hues and wood paneling in the lobbies to the healing artwork and pullout bed for family members in each private patient room, a sense of sanctuary and healing prevails. Yet, this is a modern building, designed to provide the patient with the most advanced care available, now and in the future.


西北紀念醫院與西北大學費恩伯格醫學院(Westin Western University of Feinberg School of Medicine)彼此互為教學以及服務合作夥伴,為患者提供了高端的臨床試驗,並且培養出世界一流的病人照護,打造學術諮詢和創新研究的環境。

一些世界級或國家級知名的內外科醫師以及專科醫護人員都任職於西北紀念醫院。U.S. News & World Report在下列領域之中將西北紀念醫院評選為全國排名25強:

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